Friday, February 26, 2010

The Reasons I Cry

The Reasons I Cry......
When I hear a sad song
When Im angry or disappointed
When I have hurt or disappointed another
When I hear bad news
When Im hurting physically (headache, day I fell on the ice OUCH!)
When Im hormonal (which is very often these days)
When Im touched by something someone has said or done
When I watch a sad movie or show
When Im scared
When Im lonely
When I must say goodbye to family
When I feel like having a poor Donna pitty party day
When my son sends me a card or a note
When I think of Sean in general and how incredibly joyful I am to be his mother
When I think of Kevin and all the gratitude I have for him every single best friend
When I peel onions (my onion soup is the BEST so those tears are worth it!)
When at a funeral
When at a wedding or happy occasion

I try so hard to be a comforting person...I dont like to cry as you all know. Laughing is so more my thing!!A good cry however is ok and can make you feel better when needed and shows you have feelings and emotions. Dont hold it in when you feel the need to cry. We all need that good old cry every now and then.
Now tell me your thoughts..........what makes you cry?

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  1. What makes me cry these days? When I allow myself to look into mom's blue eyes, and linger there for a moment. I don't do that very often. I don't like to cry, I don't allow myself that luxury. Staying strong, staying in control is needful during these days, weeks, or months.

    I have never been one who easily lets out the tears, I keep them underwrap as much as I can. Some of the most crying I did in recent years would be when we lost everything in the fire in Nov of 2005. That took a long time to cry out, and once in awhile it rises up a bit. But, I don't let it take overnow, I have to move forward.

    There are many songs, usually about the Lord, that will reach down inside me and touch those places that I keep locked up, and will allow a gentle release of emotion.

    Oh yeah, a number of years ago, I slipped on ice and fell backward on the concrete hitting my head! Thought for sure my brains were laying on the sidewalk! That was a moment for some crying and screaming! lol I was fine though, sounded worse then it was!