Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blessings During Blizzards

The end of 2010 most certainly was full of events. Lets just say I wasnt bored.

Kevin and I are proud to say we are the parents of a NYPD officer. Getting to graduation however was not easy.

December 26 New York City had a blizzard. That same day we planned a luncheon for 38 people at a nice Irish Pub and my sister and her family were flying in from Atlanta that morning. Thankfully while their flight was slightly delayed they did manage to get here. They were one of the few flights that were not cancelled.

The luncheon slowly was becoming a disappointment as many said they could not come out as the storm was worsening. We thought of cancelling it but was reminded of the cake for 50 waiting to be picked up at the bakery. We decided to go and whoever was there was there. Our feeling at that point was we had to eat anyway.

Thankfully we did have a party of 15 or so. We had budgeted for more so we told them all eat, drink and be merry. Appetizers, the works for everyone. We offered cake to the staff and the few people who were brave enough to eat out that night and bagged some for our guests to take home and we had the rest.

The storm was worsening upon leaving the restaurant. We had mom with us of course and my 85 year old neighbor but it all worked out well.

The next morning at 5AM my son in his formal uniform began walking up a main avenue with another graduate as there was no way we could get cars dug out as the Queens streets were piled with snow. Luckily a van pulled up and offered to drive them to the train and they were so appreciative and grateful.

Kevin, my sister, Seans girlfriend, my niece and her husband bundled up shortly after and began the four mile walk to the train station in the blizzard. I felt so discouraged and upset. This was not the way my boys special day was supposed to be. Tired and cold we made it to Madison Square Garden and I once again felt the blessings. It was the most beautiful ceremony and was more than worth the walk. Unfortunately we had the treck back but after it was all said and done we were grateful people.

Mom was extremely disappointed she did not get to see it but one of our local stations had it on briefly so she saw a glimpse.

Mom is now in Georgia with my sister for a few weeks. Their flight was also delayed. We dropped them at LaGuardia airport on January 1 and saw them go through security. Kevin and I went grocery shopping where we received the call to come back. The flight was cancelled and was rescheduled to the next day at 5PM.

While discouraged we tried to make them laugh. We called it a dress rehearsal and Kevin ran out and got Kentucky Fried chicken and we made the best of the situation although I will say it was getting a bit tense around here.

Sunday came. We stayed at the airport this time. They kept moving them from gate to gate...We saw this while watching the board in the terminal. We nervously could not understand what was going on. Long story short they finally took off at 6:15...just a little over an hour late.

Kevin and I took an ahhhh sigh of relief moment.

It is hard to see the blessings in the blizzard sometimes. I felt so disappointed that it did not go the way I had hoped, dreamed and planned. The cold and gray sky does eventually clear however and the sun returns. When it melts some of the piles of white away my blessings are once again visible. I knew they were always there it was just hard to see through the disappointment.

We made it through the blizzard. All got home safely. Blessings!!!