Friday, February 5, 2010

Never Give UP

From day to day we are challenged many times. So many times we feel like we cannot go on. Our dreams, wants and goals are thrown to the side and we feel like we are in a blizzard of discouragement. Dont feel like you are fighting that losing battle. Dont give up ever!! Discipline yourself that just like you can put negative thoughts in your mind you can replace them with positive ones. It is not easy to do I will admit. Sometimes we are faced with "blizzards" during the course of the day that we can never escape from. Hang on to the dream. It is ok to take a break once in a while but dont stay down long. Without tests and challenges we will never grow. Explore ways to reach this goal, ask friends or relatives for advice. Negativity makes you sick and just causes more bad thoughts. Positive thoughts will bring a smile to your face. Your a winner just because you are giving each day your best effort. No matter how bad things seem, or how overwhelming days get dont give up!. You can do it. The day will be over soon and there will be a fresh tomorrow. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

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  1. Are you still out in that snowstorm Donna? lol You are right though. One day last week, Tues I think it was, I was just not in any good frame of mind, and I ended up escaping into watching missed tv shows on my computer. I didn't do anything except tend to mom and watch programs, then later tv. Was just really overtaken by being alone and 'stuck here' I guess. The next day, well, was the next day and business as usual, I was fine. I don't have those kind of days very often which I am glad, because I don't like being that much of an unproductive slackard, but I guess I am allowed one of them once in awhile.