Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Dont Have To Be Busy Every Second Of My Day

Im finally realizing that every second of my day does not have to include something to do. Life gets so overwhelming and sometimes despite my best efforts to stick to my to do list my mind wonders in a million other directions and Im starting five projects at one time and finishing none. I find I overload and stress myself and finally said this must stop. I am working hard on writing down two or three projects for a day and sticking to them. After those chores are completed I do my best to carve some time for me. During this time I go online, write or read blogs and emails, I read, I work on my crocheting, watch television...whatever I choose. Im so tired of having magazine subscriptions that are being thrown in the trash unread as I just did not have the time to look at them. When rested you actually perform your tasks in a healthier and more productive way. Start today...carve out a little time each day for yourself. It isnt easy to do it but once you manage it you will feel so much better.

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  1. I will try to remember this! It is true that a break increases our productivity. If we keep doing, well, we're heading for a break-down. Better to stop for tune-ups along the way so we can avoid the engine overhaul. :)