Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We All Have Gifts/We All Have Talents

Isnt it great that we are not all alike. Isnt is great that each and every one of us has a gift or a talent that we can share with others and ask for help with the things we cannot do ourselves. Life would be so incredibly boring if we were all exactly alike. This gives us the opportunity to need each other. It is fine to try new things and to admire and duplicate styles or a talent of another. It in my opinion is not good to be jealous of anothers gifts. We all have choices in our lives. The whole world is out there with so many opportunities for any of us to attempt anything we would like to. I recently tried yoga and found some of the exercizes relaxing when Im stressed or trying to sleep but ultimately I prefer kickbox aerobics for my work out plan. I absolutely love to cook but will run to the bakery for a cake because I dont enjoy baking. We all compliment each other in this life. We are not supposed to know how to do everything in this lifetime. If your interested in something go for it. Read up and give it a shot. If you find you cannot master it no problem. You tried!!. Always share your talents as well. We are made the way we are supposed to be. Embrace and be proud of your gifts and share them!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Put On A Happy Face

There is an old saying, when mama aint happy, no one in the house is happy. That is very true. I know I influence the mood of the entire household. I try very hard to keep things upbeat and happy around here the best I can. It isnt always easy to do. I try to sing or hum or workout or just lay down if I need to. Songs like Make Someone Happy, Make Just One Someone Happy, and you will be Happy Too is one of my favorites. I found keeping my sense of humor even when things are stressful can be a huge help. We all have things we have to do from day to day. There is no job that is not important. We can choose to smile and do them happy or complain and do them in anger. I find humming and singing while washing the floor is a lot more fun than sighing and complaining and the job sure gets done a lot faster. Remember, when your smiling, when your smiling, the whole world smiles with you. Being happy really is contagious. Give it a try and put on your happy face!!....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Does Everyone Want

I am learning more and more as I get older that life is a compromise. When we learn to listen to each other it makes for a much happier life. I am learning that everything in life is not about only what I want or need. I was the one for many years that paid the bills, planned the meals, etc. One day my husband decided he would do the bills and at first I panicked and said NO!!..I had to be the one in control of everything!!. I finally did give them to him to do and it took a while to get used to but all of a sudden it was like WOW!! One less job for me...He wanted to do it...good for him!!. I want everyone to come home to a happy home. I want to know their opinions on dinner ideas. Im learning to ask what do you feel like watching tonight, or what do you feel like doing this weekend? I will admit, sometimes Im not thrilled with the answers but you give in. Every now and then when you hear someone else's opinion it can open the door to bright and new ideas that can really be a lot of fun. Im finding now that Im a little less "bossy" and care more for what everyone wants they actually come home and compliment my work much more. If anyone wants to cook dinner or do a load of laundry, go for it!!..I dont have to be in control of every thing that goes on anymore. This week I encourage you to do something a friend wants to do even if your not thrilled about it. It will be a gift to them and believe me you will get so much back in your life when you do what someone else wants once in a while.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Less Is Better

I sit here wondering why we feel we have to own so much stuff. My closets and drawers are jammed with things I hardly use but have to keep just in case. I overwhelm myself sometimes trying to pick out an outfit to wear as there is just so much to choose from. I overspend at the grocery store every week and many times wind up throwing spoiled things away. We buy the new gadget to replace the perfectly good one that we had because we just must keep up with the times. We have basements and attics stuffed with things we know we arent ever going to use. We eat things we are really not hungry for and realize arent good for us because we feel like it. I am making a vow to try so hard to not let my emotions control me. We must separate our wants from our needs and really appeciate and use the things we already have. We have to stop being so wasteful. There will always be a new version of everything!! When the old one breaks go for it. But lets all try to make a vow to use what we have and buy less. Ready, set, go....get into those closets. Im sure they are jammed with interesting things. Take them out and use them and if you really feel you never will either give it to someone who might like it or just put it at the curb on trash day. Someone will pick it up!!.. Just dont make room in order to shop again...thats cheating!!!! I believe in my heart that less ultimately will give us so much more.