Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Definition Of A Friend

What is the defintion of a friend? Personally I think there are many levels of friends. Sometimes we need a friend to drop everything they are doing to help us in a bind. I think at times we need a friend to share our thoughts with in an open and honest way. Sometimes we need someone from our past to sit and reminisce with us about those good old days. Sometimes you find that very special person who shares the same values as you and there is just a connection. Sometimes we just need support and insight on a problem or situation from anothers point of view. Sometimes we need that one person who will not pull punches and tell us the truth not necessarily the words we feel we need to hear. Sometimes we just need someone as a sounding board and once we get through venting and using them as a punching bag we see things more clearly. We may disagree with our friends but they remain loyal. We may have totally different troubles but have no problem listening to each other. We may have completely different lives but still have a bond. If we are lucky enough to find one person with all of these qualities we should rejoice and be lucky. Im blessed as my best friend, my husband, has every one. That is very rare. I have friends that may have a few of the qualities. I have even met strangers on line that I can call friends having never met them who understand me. The main thing Im learning about friends is people we hang out with affect our lives so Im learning to avoid complicated people. I try to spend my time wisely and no longer just communicate with people for lack of anything else to do. Your quality of life changes simply by who you are spending your time with. So, rest assured, if I am talking to you, visiting you, writing to you, responding to you, or any or all of the above your my friend or I would not be wasting the time.

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  1. 100% fantastic, and true!
    I feel exactly the same about friendships, relationships, communication...I have learned the hard way through the years

    My time is valuable too, and those who don't respect that, I give them little to none of it.
    I value others and their time, I value you Donna!

    Donna may I post this on my blogsite with a link back to you?