Friday, March 5, 2010

My Talents/Or Lack Of

The other day I was working on a needlepoint project...(Im not very good at needlepointing AT ALL!) and I was getting so frustrated. I said, my goodness...why cant I be talented? Something as simple as using a piece of string on a needle should not be this hard. I thought about this and realize I say that a lot. why Cant I Be Talented? I walk into peoples homes sometimes who are so good at decorating and I say boy I wish I could be like that!!. People have a knack for things..I would have the same vase with the big red flower on a table and it would look ridiculous!!. I say it when I admire peoples outfits...some people wear large jewelry and I think man, what a talent. I would wear that necklace and look like an idiot. The non Donna talent list was going on and on. I finally said maybe you need to focus on the things you do well. Maybe its time that you may consider people are admiring you. My first thought was to laugh at this ridiculous thought. But hey, I do make people laugh...even if at times they are laughing at me not with creating happiness...I am very funny!!...I have a huge heart...I am incredibly giving and loving .....I like to write..Im not certain Im great at it but I think the fact I can open my heart and express feeling is a talent. I hope in the words that I can be inspiring another person. I cook good as long as I have a recipe..but hey, thats a talent...there are lots of people that cant follow directions. Wow!!...I guess I am talented afterall. Goodhousekeeping, you wont be knocking at my door any time soon nor will Vogue I suppose...but thats ok....I have a radio face anyway lol lol lol
keep smiling, keep laughing...god gives us the talents he feels we need for the job he sent us to do!!...

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  1. You are talented, you have brought to me a new and special friend, who encourges me, makes me laugh, and accepts me as I am, you are a gifted person...and I am blessed to have found you at this time in my life!