Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get Out And Do Something Fun - Make Memories

Life is stressful all week long. We all have responsibilites that we have to take care of. The weekend finally comes along. As often as possible we really have to try to get away from all the responsibilities and escape for a while. We must try and do fun and memorable things together as often as we can. Lets stop heading to the mall and spending money on things we dont really need. Many times we are just just going in order to get us out of the house. Lets take walks in the park, get an icecream cone with someone special, go to a movie. Think of a baseball game or a concert and how everyone is excited about the same performer or team. Everyone is rooting for the same goal. Spend time with people that understand you and will help you achieve whatever goal you are trying to meet. We all must take some time to unwind but lets make memories not build more clutter and stuff in our lives. Look back at some of your old photographs. Look at all the memories in front of you. Dont let making those memories stop. Keep enjoying the baseball games, the walks. Visit a museum or an outdoor market. Get away from the job once in a while. It will really help you perform better when you do and when the stresses of the week pop their heads in front of us we can think of the great plans we are having in just a few days. Having something to look forward to really is good medicine for everyone. Once our jobs are done we still will have to maintain healthy relationships and lives. We cannot take care of those relationships by constantly being stressed and working. Get those cameras out and get to the game and not only cheer for the team but for yourselves!!...Make a vow...even if its a cup of coffee for an hour go!!...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Managing Emotions

We definately are on emotional roller coasters from day to day. To add to this I am 50 and am also experiencing the changes that often come with those of us this age. It is easy to handle things in stride when feeling well but a bit more difficult when we are not feeling like ourselves. I am working so hard on managing my emotions. I work out, eat well, drink water, get enough rest, walk away from conversations or situations that are going to increase my irritable state. Of course like everyone else this doesnt always work and there are slip ups. When this happens, if I hurt someone with something I said or have done I immediately apologize. I dont condone not taking responsibility for bad actions. I however refuse to feel guilty. I look in the mirror and see the good person that I know I am. We are all human and will feel emotional from time to time. I have learned however that time spent is lost forever. We cannot get it back. I refuse to waste time on being bitter and emotional and guilty. Ride the wave of the emotions the best you can but somewhere try to find the joy because our lives will continue once this duty is done. I dont want to look back with get that water bottle, those sneakers on and say to yourself it could always be worse...Here is to an emotional free day.....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Early to bed, early to rise

Regardless of our roles in life I believe going to bed at a decent and early hour is so important. It allows you rest and the ability to wake earlier in the morning. When you are able to be up hours early you dont feel as rushed, you can enjoy some quiet time alone, and the early morning truly is a very peaceful time. We cannot continue to run our bodies all day long and not get enough rest. It is like a car constantly being driven without stopping, it will run out of gas and overheat. We must be sure while we are speeding down the road of our lives we nourish ourselves as well as stop and get some good rest. Our bodies can only take and do so much. Listen to it..Rest it. Try to slow down just a little bit. All you are working to do would be a shame if you ran yourself down and were too sick to enjoy the final outcome. You definately cannot take care of anyone else if you dont take care of get that rest...start today....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Throw Away All Bad Memories

It would be incredibly difficult to take care of my loved one if I did not throw away all the bad memories. Having the bad memories with me will only cause me to be hurt and angry and as I wrote in an earlier post you cannot feel these emotions and happiness at the same time. I truly believe all parents do the best they can with what they know. Some just know more than others, or followed what their own parents did to them. There has to be a time where we stop being victims of childhood. We must try to take responsibility to move on from the past and make our lives joyful. It was a different time and way of life back then. Embrace the present. Their is a reason they call it is a gift. We have the ability to make the painful moments of the past disappear if we really want to. Lets make a vow today that whatever pain from our pasts we are keeping with us we are no longer going to be victims. We have all made mistakes or been hurt or done silly things...Give yourself a gift to forgive the past and embrace the present. It will really improve your ability to do the job you are faced with now.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I was reading something the other day and came upon the word equanimity. I had no idea what it meant so I looked it up.I found the definition to be a peace of mind and abiding calmness that cannot be shaken by circumstance. I loved it!! It became my favorite word. I try to say this to myself all day long....especially when things dont seem to be going my way.
I had my yearly physical Monday and of course get white coat anxiety as soon as the blood pressure cup comes near my arm. I went cold turkey twice, but the third time I closed my eyes and mediated on that wonderful word..equanimity...calm and peace despite circumstance and my pressure went down to a normal number. It works!!. No sense stressing. I now wait for the blood results. In my old days I would be pacing wating for the telephone to ring but instead am just repeating my favorite word equanimity. Peace and calmness despite circumstance. It just sounds beautiful to me. I must work on using this line every single day.....