Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I sometimes feel I have to change the way I react to things especially when it comes to my Mother. A few weeks ago she was pouring boiling water into a coffee mug to have tea but her eyesight is so poor and she did not see the water spilling all over the place. I was so concerned that she not burn herself and I said Mom, you need me to do that for you I think but I said it rather harshly. I dont do it to hurt her feelings, it truly is so that she wont get hurt. It is so hard as I dont want to always make her feel like she is being reprimanded. I know at times my reaction causes her more stress. I thought about the word react and once you unscramble the letters you will see four of them create care. The only reason I am reacting the way I am is because I care. I must unscramble my mind like I did the word and realize kind actions and not excited words would serve me better....I will learn to lower my voice and speak calmer when these mishaps happen....wish me luck!!!!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coloring Inside The Lines

I would definately not define myself as a perfect person as I honestly know I am far from it. I in the past have purchased things I did not need nor could afford just because I had to have them, Im sure I ate things I knew were not good choices and most definately I have said things for which I should have thought twice about.

On the other hand I cannot really do anything wrong. Im the type of person that while at the grocery store if I change my mind and decide I dont want to purchase an item in my cart I just cant lay it anywhere. I must return it to the correct spot. I cannot leave the shopping cart anywhere in the parking lot, I must walk it to the corral which is usually far away from our parking space but still put it away. I really do try to do the right thing even when I dont necessarily have to. Solicitors call while we are eating dinner and I just cant hang up, I listen for a few seconds and then politely interrupt and say thank you for calling but we really are not interested and then hang up. I guess this was how I was raised. I was raised with manners and rules.. Mom always said my house, my rules.

When I watch small children coloring it makes me crazy if they just scribble their crayons on the paper. I so want to guide their hands and teach them to color within the lines. I dont as they have to learn on their own and all I can do is try to set the example for others to follow.

Is this a fun way of living? Is it worth it to always be honest?

I think so. I wish we could spread the word and just try to get everyone to realize their are rules in life. Sometimes we have to color inside the lines to have a more sane life.

So will I never again eat something I shouldnt, of course not. Will I never again say something I shouldnt, of course not!! Am I an honest person, of course I am and Im very proud of it. Thanks Mom and Dad. Im very grateful for the lessons you taught. Coloring inside the lines does not make you boring believe me!!! While Im quite neat, orderly and disciplined I still am quite colorful.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting My Discipline Muscles Strengthened

I am a believer that we all must work hard and think about making healthy and happy choices because doing so will help us in all aspects of our life later on. Is it always easy to do? Definately not. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work. Do I always feel like working out?, NO! Do I always feel like eating and cooking healthy?, NO! Sometimes do I just feel like going to the mall and buying something I dont need just because I want to? YES. Every day I work on strengthening my discipline muscle. I want them to get stronger and stronger every single day. It is definately a challenge to do what is right. We sometimes eat or buy things we really deep down did not want or need out of boredom or sadness or loneliness in the hope to brighten our days but afterwards it can make us feel worse in the long run. It is fine to treat ourselves. I believe we all must do that from time to time. We must do it for the correct reasons however. I am cleaning out closets and drawers in my home every day this week. Im throwing out the clutter with the knowledge that having a peaceful environment will make me much happier than had I jammed one more thing in that was not needed. I will then applaud my work and make a pedicure appointment. A small treat that will keep the calm feeling within me to work out my discipline muscles again next week.