Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get Out And Do Something Fun - Make Memories

Life is stressful all week long. We all have responsibilites that we have to take care of. The weekend finally comes along. As often as possible we really have to try to get away from all the responsibilities and escape for a while. We must try and do fun and memorable things together as often as we can. Lets stop heading to the mall and spending money on things we dont really need. Many times we are just just going in order to get us out of the house. Lets take walks in the park, get an icecream cone with someone special, go to a movie. Think of a baseball game or a concert and how everyone is excited about the same performer or team. Everyone is rooting for the same goal. Spend time with people that understand you and will help you achieve whatever goal you are trying to meet. We all must take some time to unwind but lets make memories not build more clutter and stuff in our lives. Look back at some of your old photographs. Look at all the memories in front of you. Dont let making those memories stop. Keep enjoying the baseball games, the walks. Visit a museum or an outdoor market. Get away from the job once in a while. It will really help you perform better when you do and when the stresses of the week pop their heads in front of us we can think of the great plans we are having in just a few days. Having something to look forward to really is good medicine for everyone. Once our jobs are done we still will have to maintain healthy relationships and lives. We cannot take care of those relationships by constantly being stressed and working. Get those cameras out and get to the game and not only cheer for the team but for yourselves!!...Make a vow...even if its a cup of coffee for an hour go!!...

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