Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Managing Emotions

We definately are on emotional roller coasters from day to day. To add to this I am 50 and am also experiencing the changes that often come with those of us this age. It is easy to handle things in stride when feeling well but a bit more difficult when we are not feeling like ourselves. I am working so hard on managing my emotions. I work out, eat well, drink water, get enough rest, walk away from conversations or situations that are going to increase my irritable state. Of course like everyone else this doesnt always work and there are slip ups. When this happens, if I hurt someone with something I said or have done I immediately apologize. I dont condone not taking responsibility for bad actions. I however refuse to feel guilty. I look in the mirror and see the good person that I know I am. We are all human and will feel emotional from time to time. I have learned however that time spent is lost forever. We cannot get it back. I refuse to waste time on being bitter and emotional and guilty. Ride the wave of the emotions the best you can but somewhere try to find the joy because our lives will continue once this duty is done. I dont want to look back with get that water bottle, those sneakers on and say to yourself it could always be worse...Here is to an emotional free day.....

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