Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Throw Away All Bad Memories

It would be incredibly difficult to take care of my loved one if I did not throw away all the bad memories. Having the bad memories with me will only cause me to be hurt and angry and as I wrote in an earlier post you cannot feel these emotions and happiness at the same time. I truly believe all parents do the best they can with what they know. Some just know more than others, or followed what their own parents did to them. There has to be a time where we stop being victims of childhood. We must try to take responsibility to move on from the past and make our lives joyful. It was a different time and way of life back then. Embrace the present. Their is a reason they call it is a gift. We have the ability to make the painful moments of the past disappear if we really want to. Lets make a vow today that whatever pain from our pasts we are keeping with us we are no longer going to be victims. We have all made mistakes or been hurt or done silly things...Give yourself a gift to forgive the past and embrace the present. It will really improve your ability to do the job you are faced with now.

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