Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Early to bed, early to rise

Regardless of our roles in life I believe going to bed at a decent and early hour is so important. It allows you rest and the ability to wake earlier in the morning. When you are able to be up hours early you dont feel as rushed, you can enjoy some quiet time alone, and the early morning truly is a very peaceful time. We cannot continue to run our bodies all day long and not get enough rest. It is like a car constantly being driven without stopping, it will run out of gas and overheat. We must be sure while we are speeding down the road of our lives we nourish ourselves as well as stop and get some good rest. Our bodies can only take and do so much. Listen to it..Rest it. Try to slow down just a little bit. All you are working to do would be a shame if you ran yourself down and were too sick to enjoy the final outcome. You definately cannot take care of anyone else if you dont take care of get that rest...start today....

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