Friday, September 17, 2010

Cracks In Foundations

This morning Queens looks like a bit of a war zone. It has not been confirmed yet but there are reports that we experienced a tornado here yesterday. You can define the storm any way you would like. I define it as incredibly scarey.

The sky got so incredibly dark, and the winds picked up with a harsh howl. You can hear outside the window garbage pails and other odds and ends just blowing all around. The news was urging we go into basements and take cover. I was so frightened as I was home alone with my Mom as well as concerned for my husband who was in Manhattan working.

The storm departed almost as quickly as it arrived. It sure did cause lots of cracks in foundations around the community. It taught me however that we just dont know what roads we will one day be travelling. I learned that we just have to wake up and use our time wisely. I learned we have to keep the faith for God knows the entire story even if I dont.

We all have cracks in our foundations that need repairing. Just like the trees and all of the damage some will be repaired, however Im sure there are some that will just have to remain. Today we all will try our best to conduct our lives despite all the cracks we face.

Fix what you can, dont stress over what you cannot and use the experience to learn and grow. That is all we can do. Cracks in the foundation for me was a huge lesson. Embrace each day despite them.


  1. Sometimes we need a tornado to wake us up. We all have cracks in our foundations and they are precariously holding together but can they cope with a tornado??
    Maybe we need to strengthen the cement before the next storm arrives.

    Good lesson Donna ; glad it was a "mini" tornado in the grand scale of things. xx

  2. Heh Donna thanks for your message. I feel that if someone has something to say it is nice to know that there is someone out there listening. You don't post every day but when you do it is with "something to say". I will always follow your blog and comment. My blog is closed for who knows how long but it does not stop me from sharing your life ..Take care and warm wishes ...............

  3. Donna, Thanks for your great message. How blessed we are to have a loving Father, who continues to love us even with our cracks. We are blessed!!