Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I have been thinking lately of all the numbers I have in my mind to remember.

What is todays date?
What is todays temperature? How do I dress and how do I plan my day?
What time is it?
Are there any important celebrations for which i need to acknowledge (dates)
Are there any phone calls I need to make (phone numbers)
Are there any letters I need to write (addresses)
What channel is moms soap net on again? she missed days of our lives yesterday
What was my number code to listen to my voice mail again?
I must type in the prescription numbers to renew moms medicine with cvs
What is Moms access a ride ID # again...I must make an appointment (numbers) to get her hair done tomorrow
I must remember to weigh Mom this week to make sure there isnt a lot of water in her body
What size did you say you needed me to order your housecoat in
How many pancakes do you want Mom?
How much money do we need to take out of the bank for groceries this week
Mom reminding me that despite my being 51 and she being 91 it is just a number

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!!!!!.......The main number to remember is 1!!!! We caregivers are all Number One!! Shout it Out!!....
We have so much to remember but we always seem to get it all done and remember each and everyone of them.........
I probably forgot to list some numbers however ...... feel free to remind me of anything I did not mention..........


  1. blood pressure numbers, temp, oxygen numbers, how many cc's of meds stuff like that....

  2. And this is before you even look at financial numbers. Yes - how do we do it? Thank goodness our design was fitted with a mental calculator. We have so many roles each with so many strands. Just be glad that you can remember them right now. Take care and yes you are number one.xx