Friday, April 16, 2010

Shopping In My Own Closet Isnt All That Bad

I cant believe it will be a year since I stopped working to spend more time with Mom in two more months...Boy, the time sure flew!!
Has it always been easy???? Honestly not always.
Every job has its moments though....even when I was working outside the home there were days I wish I could quit but kept going.

I am usually ok. This is a very special job I am doing. I will admit I do miss my girly indulgences like manicures, pedicures and visits to dressbarn for a new outfit. I am totally not thrilled when I see the gray roots on top of my head as I try to stretch the hair cuts and color. I would be lying if I said when Im in the company of those working outside the home I am not intimidated. They look like I used to.

I am working on this...I sabotage myself constantly. I am working on focusing on the haves and not what Im lacking. I remind myself all those outfits hanging in the closet were purchased when I was one of "them" so go shopping in there and wear them proudly in this new job.

God put me here to do this very special and important job. Sacrifices are necessary but really they are benefiting me so much in this journey as I am learning life lessons....Life goes on with gray roots, short nails and old outfits. they really are cover ups for what is inside....the book cover might be a bit wrinkled these days however keep reading because the story is a great one. I found I have a huge heart and that is worth every manicure, pedicure, outfit and pair of shoes I ever purchased..........

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  1. Yes m'am a huge heart. I hate how I dress when staying home, which is most of the time, but it is for comfort, because of what I have to do, because I have gained to much to be comfortable in nicer things. I have struggled all me life with the issue of eating. Now, it is affecting me in to many negative ways physically and I have to make changes. I just got my hair cut short and layered, very cute, did my once a month coloring, but I still feel bad, physically and emotionally. More changes to be made, step by step, then I can shop my closet again!