Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happiness Is A Choice - What Brings You Joy?

All the books say that happiness is a choice. Every day we are faced with something that could put us in a bad mood that could easily steal our joy. How do we avoid these irritable moods and feelings when they pop their evil heads into our minds. Life can be so incredibly hard and sometimes you want to smack the person that tells you its all perception when you just dropped a dozen eggs on the floor and you have to clean up the mess. I dont have the answer for every day, and everyone and all situations. I do know it is worth a shot to be joyful because we dont know if there will be a tomorrow so we better make today count for something. Here are some of the things that bring me happiness and joy during the stressful days. I usually do at least one every day sometimes more. Feel free to write me some of yours as well. We all can use ideas to find happiness.

A Few Of My Favorite Things

The taste of my first sip of coffee to begin my day

The quiet of early morning when it is just me, my dog and my book

A morning that begins with a great workout which then gives me boundless energy

Watching someone who truly enjoyed a meal I prepared and asked for seconds

All summer fruits, (peaches, plums, cherries, watermelon, strawberries)

An occasional sweet (cheesecake, anything chocolate)

The arrival of 3PM
This was the time my special little boy would arrive home from school when he was little
This was the time Mom and I called faithfully each day even if we spoke five times before
This was the time Aunt Hilda and I when she was alive enjoyed a cup of coffee and a chat together
This is the time now that we joined homes that Mom and I have our coffee and chat....

Watching my 91 year old Mother whose eyesight is so poor still crochet and make beautiful afgans for nursing homes of all places

The memory of watching Aunt Hilda teach my son Sean how to make the Easter stuffing and having him now teach it to me

The thank you I extend to people who meet me at parties or gatherings and tell me they loved my last blog when you think no one has read it

Being silly and acting childlike every now and again (go squirt that reddi whip can at someone!)

Making people laugh and smile

Listening to music through headphones and my ipod

Putting on a nice cheerful outfit and great hair days

My journal

Any moment I can escape and be alone with Kevin. It could be a coffeeshop, a crowded mall, a rare weekend get away or just watching television in the living room

Telling someone who has been kind or has touched my life in some way how much I appreciate them

Thanking people for kind words if I somehow touched their life

Receiving a handwritten note or card from my son

Lending a helping hand to families when they are in a bind

Being around and communicating with friendly and caring people

Loving what I do and having people to love and do things for

Looking in the mirror and seeing this great lady who every day reminds herself she is doing the right thing and is great at it!!

It doesnt have to be expensive, you dont have to go far to get it.....Little life...JOY!!!


  1. Awesome! I love your list. 3 p.m. is particularly touching--what a nice parallel. For me, there's nothing like a really good laugh between friends--unless it's a great conversation that leads to a deeper understanding. :)

  2. This is excellent! I had to chuckle, reddi whip, got a recent picture of my grandson Aeryn with a mouth full of it that grandpa had squirted into his mouth! Boy is foaming at the mouth! lol I love cheesecake! Have you ever had chocolate cheesecake? mmmm lol Right on New Yawker, write on!

  3. Hi Donna I found you. Thanks for the email. Trish (accidental carer)