Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I LOVE books

Books, books, books and more books...I absolutely LOVE books...My happiest moment is first thing in the morning, nobody is up yet but me, my huge mug of coffee and my shittzu beside me and my book. HEAVEN!!!! I love gets me going to start my day positively. I have quite a collection...they mean as much to me as my journals and my photo albums. I am learning to go to the library for novels and books of that nature. There is only so much storage place for my books and those can always be taken out again if I really enjoyed the read. I also have a love for cookbooks and I am slowly trying to give some of them away as Im finding some of the recipes I can obtain on line and again storage does become an issue. I do however have my favorites of those as well...the ones with the stains are my keepsakes to one day pass on.. I hope to leave behind the memories of good meals and fun times together. Grab a good book whenever you get the chance. We should never stop learning and there is so much joy a book can bring. You dont have to spend a lot of money with the hobby of books. You can borrow them. You can share yours with others. I LOVE books!!!!!


  1. Hi Donna! It's fun to come to your house. :) I should stop by more often. I hope you cozy warm in front of your tree. Thanks for being so wonderful. I'm so proud to have you on the team. !!

  2. I love books table books, history books, cook books, autobiography books, flowers and birds books and so on. I read mostly inspirational/spiritual books to help me in all this. I would love to have tons of coffee table books to pile in stacks and put lamps and candles on! I would have lots of cook books but no room. I started to replace some of the ones I lost in the fire, but only replaced one or two of them. Would love to browse through your books with you and a hot cup of coffee! Donna W.