Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Things Bread Pasta and Pizza

I live in Queens New York. I dont know if anyone realizes it but as far as Im concerned we have the BEST pizza in the world. Dont give me any of the fast food pizza....We also in New York City have the best bread in the world. It must have something to do with our water because even my family in Long Island beg us to bring city bread every time we visit. I however was diagnosed with very high my favorite with all the cheese has to be a treat and I can eat the bread but its no fun without butter.....What fun is pasta without the melted cheese too!!!....Whatever will I do? Well I suppose I will be grateful it is not a more serious illness to start with. I suppose I will be grateful that I can eat fresh fruits, vegetgables and that I live in a place that I can get them in abundance versus others who would love to have what I take for granted. When we put things into perspective and step away from the emotion we realize this really is not that big a deal. My real favorite thing is wanting to live a long and healthy life. I can still occasionally stop in my bakery and the pizza store next to it and have a fun day. From time to time I can even buy a delicious Italian pastry....we have such abundance here in New York City. It is all about control and discipline and knowing treats are something we have to look forward to.

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  1. Carbs and cheese, makes the world go round! being from Wisconsin I have been a lover of cheese forever, and of course with that comes the pastas and breads...inseparable don't you think! Hhmmm, might be what is hanging around my middle! Donna Webb