Thursday, December 10, 2009

Respecting Each Others Privacy

I sometimes think we forget that everyone needs a little alone time. Of course we have to meet the demands of our daily responsibilities as well as family obligations but from time to time we need to shut a door and just have time alone. I sometimes think we feel guilty if we leave our aging parents home or get a baby sitter for our children and go out for a lunch or movie separately from them. It is very important however that we respect ourselves enough to do it. I think that the people we are leaving may just be happy to have their private time also. We feel we all have to be together all of the time but I think everyone of us tires and needs that few hours with nobody around. Lets try to respect our childrens privacy as well. Of course we have to ask questions and know where they are when they are young but if they want to be alone in their rooms for a while that is fine. They too tire and need space. Lets all respect that in each other. A little time apart can freshen everyone.

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  1. Lack of privacy is what aggravates me most as sole caregiver to my mother!