Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chew Your Food 10 Times Before Swallowing

I was eating dinner the other night and Mom said to me, my goodness Donna, you sure do eat too fast. Your going to have problems with your stomach one day. After she brought this to my attention I realized I do eat fast. I dont know why I eat fast. Maybe its because I just want to get the kitchen cleaned up and finally rest as dinner is the end of the day. Since she mentioned it I do try to be more aware and chew longer and slower before swallowing but I must admit I really do forget. Old habits are hard to break I suppose. I always joke and say I eat to survive. Im not one of these people that necessarily find enjoyment in eating. Mom is correct though. It really is very bad for digestion when we swallow larger pieces of food. How does one stop this? I guess I will just have to eat more soups and things that dont require chewing. My point in the blog, it is crazy what people notice. I am 50 years old and this is the first time in my life I was told I eat too fast.Ive been told I talk loud and too much a million times but eating fast was never mentioned. See, you learn something new every day. I guess Im in a hurry to eat so I can talk more lol..


  1. I have been inhaling food since my first child was born, 41 years ago! Never been able to slow it down, can't figure out how I manage to even taste what I am eating! My youngest son, eats even faster then I do. Now my mom, when she still had her teeth in and was able to eat normal, would take small bites and practically liquify them with the length of chewing she would do! Practically chewed liquids as well! Don't think she ever had indigestion, she digested everything before they were swallowed!
    Donna Webb

  2. I have a friend who has told me that for years. She eats REALLY slowly, I eat really quickly. I think it's just personal temperament. I have less problems with digestion than she does for a whole raft of reasons. :) I do everything pretty quickly including walking. I'm always ahead of all. How about you? :) :) :)