Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Appreciate Quality

It is so easy to compain when service is bad or the check out lines are long and moving slowly but for some reason we have a problem appreciating when things are going rght. We have every right to comment if we purchase something and did not get the quality we paid for. Companies would not know how to improve if we never made them aware. Money is tight and we should get the quality we deserve. There however are so many people and services that provide quality treatment. Lets try to remember the teachers, the nurses, the mail carriers, the garbage collectors, the receptionists in offices, the waiters/waitresses, the gas station attendant. My list could go on and on and on. When someone smiles and does their job well compliment them. Many of the people serving us dont make a whole lot of money. We would have a major problem if we never received mail, or if our garbage never was picked up. Lets thank these people and be grateful they chose the jobs they did to serve us. Try to keep your eyes open and look for all the quality service you are receiving today. Good help is hard to find....when you do care for and appreciate it!!

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