Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We All Have Gifts/We All Have Talents

Isnt it great that we are not all alike. Isnt is great that each and every one of us has a gift or a talent that we can share with others and ask for help with the things we cannot do ourselves. Life would be so incredibly boring if we were all exactly alike. This gives us the opportunity to need each other. It is fine to try new things and to admire and duplicate styles or a talent of another. It in my opinion is not good to be jealous of anothers gifts. We all have choices in our lives. The whole world is out there with so many opportunities for any of us to attempt anything we would like to. I recently tried yoga and found some of the exercizes relaxing when Im stressed or trying to sleep but ultimately I prefer kickbox aerobics for my work out plan. I absolutely love to cook but will run to the bakery for a cake because I dont enjoy baking. We all compliment each other in this life. We are not supposed to know how to do everything in this lifetime. If your interested in something go for it. Read up and give it a shot. If you find you cannot master it no problem. You tried!!. Always share your talents as well. We are made the way we are supposed to be. Embrace and be proud of your gifts and share them!!

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