Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Put On A Happy Face

There is an old saying, when mama aint happy, no one in the house is happy. That is very true. I know I influence the mood of the entire household. I try very hard to keep things upbeat and happy around here the best I can. It isnt always easy to do. I try to sing or hum or workout or just lay down if I need to. Songs like Make Someone Happy, Make Just One Someone Happy, and you will be Happy Too is one of my favorites. I found keeping my sense of humor even when things are stressful can be a huge help. We all have things we have to do from day to day. There is no job that is not important. We can choose to smile and do them happy or complain and do them in anger. I find humming and singing while washing the floor is a lot more fun than sighing and complaining and the job sure gets done a lot faster. Remember, when your smiling, when your smiling, the whole world smiles with you. Being happy really is contagious. Give it a try and put on your happy face!!....

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  1. One thing Aunt Hilda always did..SMILED!!! oh man...that contagious smile of hers right to the lit up the entire room for sure!!..She had a lot of pain but always smiled. she said it was the best medicine in the world and better days were coming honey!!