Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I sometimes feel I have to change the way I react to things especially when it comes to my Mother. A few weeks ago she was pouring boiling water into a coffee mug to have tea but her eyesight is so poor and she did not see the water spilling all over the place. I was so concerned that she not burn herself and I said Mom, you need me to do that for you I think but I said it rather harshly. I dont do it to hurt her feelings, it truly is so that she wont get hurt. It is so hard as I dont want to always make her feel like she is being reprimanded. I know at times my reaction causes her more stress. I thought about the word react and once you unscramble the letters you will see four of them create care. The only reason I am reacting the way I am is because I care. I must unscramble my mind like I did the word and realize kind actions and not excited words would serve me better....I will learn to lower my voice and speak calmer when these mishaps happen....wish me luck!!!!!!


  1. When you manage it Donna let me know how you did it. I very often talk to my husband as if he is a child because he scares me with some of the things he does. I too raise my voice so that he will stop what he is doing right away if it appears he will harm himself. He then looks at me as if I am a wicked witch.
    Yes because we care..............

  2. Thank goodness none of my reactions have been recorded.....!

  3. Good luck but it is hard. I was so loud and mean sometimes to mom and than worried about it all night. Than I would have to make myself give her loveing the next day to make me feel better. She does nothing herself anymore so I have no need to yell at her but I still think how mean I was to her and just cry. Good luck. I know you can do it.