Friday, May 28, 2010

Am I A Princess

Mom and I were sitting outside enjoying a nice Summer morning today. My neighbor next door babysits her two small grandchildren while her daughter and son in law go to work. She looked so tired and drained and I commented to her that I hope she can find a little time to take care of herself. She went into the house and came out a few minutes later with a wagon full of laundry on her way to the laundromat as she is not allowed to have a washer and dryer in her apartment. The poor thing was lugging the heavy load down the block wearing the same clothes for which she had on yesterday probably to save herself work. Wear it as long as you can versus lugging it. I said to my mother I feel very badly for Debbie. She and her husband do not own a car. Im not certain if it is because they cannot afford one or perhaps they dont want one but they grocery shop with the same cart as the laundry. I said to Mom. She really must think Im a Princess. Here I am sitting in a different tshirt and shorts than yesterday out here reading womans day books and there she is so exhausted. It really made me very blessed for everything that I have in my life. I dont think Im a Princess. Am I a Princess?


  1. Maybe not a Princess Donna just more fortunate than some.
    We just have to be grateful for the positives and cope with the negatives. And as the old saying goes there is always someone worse off than us. We don't always feel that way at the height of the struggle but it will always be true.
    I am sure your neighbour has her positives and I wonder if she even knows that she has touched your heart??

  2. Hello, Donna! I was so glad to read your comment on my happiness blog! I totally agree about needing to focus on joy rather than the gloom. You have hard things to do each day, but God has blessings in even the most difficult of days. Sometimes you to look harder for them. I pray God shows me where to find the joy! Thanks for introducing me to your blog.