Monday, October 17, 2011

Keep Your Enthusiasm, You Will Be Amazed At Results

Yesterday I participated in Walk for a Cure for breast cancer with my in-laws. My Mother-In-Law is a survivor and my Sister-In-Law gathered as many family members that were able to participate together for this wonderful cause. It was the perfect day and I am so happy that Kevin and I participated.
I proudly wore Pink yesterday. Through the years that was my least favorite color. I was blessed to have much joy with the color BLUE but I had some anger as I would have loved a little PINK in my life.
Through the years you learn acceptance. Until you can accept what you have been blessed with and the journey you were asked to walk you dont see the beauty in the color you own.
When I kissed my sister-in-law goodbye and hugged her with the shouts of a great job today and huge thanks for having the best team leader she thanked me for my enthusiasm.
That is one quality for which I am most proud and I was so happy to have heard someone thank me for it.
We all have envy for others colors. She shares her pinks with me, we share our blues with her.
With enthusiasm and sharing and love and excitement for each and every day we can all share our TRUE colors and when we realize that the world really is an AMAZING place to be.

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