Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things Change, Nothing Stays The Same

I have been thinking lately how things are constantly changing in my life. I grew up, met my husband, got married, had my son, watched him grow, saw my dad get sick and then died, see my mom age and move in. We lose loved ones and then others are born to take their place. Some days are wonderful and then there are times where we feel there is a dark cloud hanging over our heads. Somehow throughout all of these changes we survive. We make it.

When things are going badly or upsetting me I try hard to remember this concept. Nothing stays the same. Whatever I am experiencing right now will not be forever. Nothing is. When things are going wonderful I dont take them for granted either as the same can be true for happiness. Embrace it, appreciate it, be grateful but never take it for granted.

I do believe in positive thinking. I believe in order to have a happy future we must do our best to take care of our current life. I try to stay healthy, and pay down debts. In some instances we do have choices for our future. I know my behaviour at times can hurt me more than help the future. If we live long enough we all are going to be faced with the future.

There are however things that we would never plan in a million years but must deal with. We wake up each day and hope for the best. We ask for strength to get through hard days. We look for opportunities to smile every chance we get.

Things change, nothing stays the same. That is life. Lets all just try to enjoy the ride.


  1. Oh Donna there is a sadness in this post that all carers will recognise. We have to constantly try to be positive in the face of whatever we are coping with whilst secretly wishing that we had more to be positive about. Maybe it is my own thoughts that I am projecting and if so I am sorry for misinterpreting. Nothing stays the same and yet some things which we would like to change just stay the same. The one thing we can change is how we react to our lives and on a good day that is positive but on a bad day - well you know.............

  2. Thank you for your nice comment on my post and your right I need to start enjoying the ride. I have a hard time embracing the good times but going to start trying harder.